Posted by: suemason | November 11, 2011


The Great British Jowett has a fine display at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre. Congratulations to the Midland Section’s ‘ Running in the Family’ theme. There was great interest in the family trees of Jowett Brothers, and the Flower family Long Four. Craig’s splendid Jupiter, Ian’s lovely Javelin and the Atack’s family Bradford. The Morgan’ s brought the shop and Midland Section stalwarts made up the team. Some interesting comments from the public included someone who has ‘ found’ a Long Four. He is hoping to buy it but has promised to keep the club informed of the on- going story of this car. Then there was the man who ‘ found’ a Jupiterand bought a Jupiter. He has promised to join the Car Club, and to send photos of the restoration progress One young man was delighted to have found the identity of a ‘ mystery car’ that he photographed in a barn in N Wales some six months ago. He is going to send more specific directions as to where it was so we can check it out But he was pleased to have solved the mystery.
What a lovely day.


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