Posted by: suemason | June 28, 2011

A Steep Learning Curve

Monday June 27

Our last day in Denmark and the end of the great Nordic adventure. We had to Wait and See if two Javelins could make the great traek to the land of the midnight sun and it would seem that they can. We had set off with a boot full of spanners and spares but only needed to use some gaffer tape, glue and bungee cords – the last item when the fan belt stay sheared on the quayside and needed temporary securing.
We had few expectations other than to arrive at Anssi’s garage and try to mend his car. (Note the royal ‘we’) nothing prepared us for the warmth and generosity of the Jowett friends that we met along the way. In order then, step forward Gustav and Birgit Josefsson who met us off the ferry from Denmark to Sweden and welcomed us into their home. Congratulations to them on their recent wedding anniversary and celebratory cruise. Next Maike and Jorma Hihnala who took us to their island in the sun and organised for us to be in the Finnish Turku Car Rally. Also in Finland and at the furthest point of our tour, Raija and Ansii Heikkila and who plied us with more great home cooked food and where we beat each other with birch twigs, gathered specially by Liisa. They didn’t ask us to draw water from the well or to chop wood for the fires; necessary activities at their Summer home. And finally Ib RasmussEn and Mogens who introduced us to Cira and the members of the Danish Vintage Car Club. Ib arranged accommodation for us and they fed and watered us like the royalty he knows. The final Jowett surprise came when we were on the quayside in Esbjerg. There were Clive and Coral Warren from the East Anglia Section, returning from their holiday in Denmark, We spent the evening with them on the ship chatting about Jowetts and Rallies past, present and future.
And now it’s over until the next time. Our gratitude to everyone is sincere and heartfelt. Our ability to express that in the appropriate language just makes us sound like refugees from Chaucers England. We will have done 2,600 miles of near trouble- free driving; unlike the original Wait and See, we freed no slaves and never a cross word passed between us. It has been an education and a learning curve for all of us: sometimes a steep one. We have learned about cars- ours and others; we have learned about shower designs – those that flood the floor and those that knock you over. We have learned about ourselves. There are lots of technical and mechanical details that could be added but not by me and probably not here. So until the next time, in the words of Morecombe and Wise, it’s goodbye from me and it’s goodbye from him.


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