Posted by: suemason | June 27, 2011

One Swallow Doesn’t Make a Sommer

One Swallow Doesn’t Make. Sommer

The ‘Ole Sommer Motor Museum’ is a gem. Located in the North of Denmark not far from Helsingore it displays beautiful specimens collected by Mr Ole Sommer over the years. Our interest was in the three Jowetts – Javelin registered MKD 14 sold by Carrs Motors Hardmans Street Liverpool. All its wheels were in place. Ole Sommer himself imported over 500 Javelins and 1000 Bradfords and used the Jowett engine for his own design of car. We thank him for displaying our models and wish him well in his 80th year.
But there was more to gasp at when we visited the Library and Archive of the Danish Veteran Car Club. The club uses the museum as its base, and employs some full time staff, as well as volunteers, to manage the books, magazines and pamphlets of any and every car made. The two Swallows (Austin) were just a couple of British models, then there were Jaguars of every number shape and age; some Morris; Bentley, Rileys, Wolsley Rolls Royce, Alvis, TVR etc etc etc.
We were speechless in two languages at the professional and extensive range. But having met the dedicated wonderful members of the club, are not really surprised.
The Proposed Danish Rally 2012 will be stunning if the evidence of this day was anything to go by.
Thank you, Danish Veteran Car Club. We take off our hats to you!



  1. Seeing a reference to Javelin MKD 14, I owned and ran for 21 years, Javelin registered MKC 1, chassis number E2PD21105, originally sold by Carrs Motors, Hardman Street, Liverpool (Brass dealer’s plate on the glovebox lid). It was originally owned by Admiral Sir Max Horton of Coastal Command fame.

    In 1969 when I was about to get married, I was offered £250 for the number plate by a Mr Michael Keith Coburn who then owned a nightclub in Birkenhead and an hotel in Llangollen.

    That gave us the deposit for the house! The car was then issued with a replacement number 6469 TU.

    Small world isn’t it?

    Glad to have ‘found’ this website, but no link to

    Just a tip – do NOT go to Finland in the winter months!

    • What a great story. Thank you for taking the trouble to tell us.
      We are planning on joining the Danish Veteran Car Club in 2012 for a Rally.
      Do you want to be kept informed of future plans?
      It will be in August ( Bank Holiday) not winter.
      The link to Jowett net should be there on our site.
      I will speak to the nerd centre. Glad you found us.

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