Posted by: suemason | June 27, 2011

Peoples Choice

Sunday June 26th

The Peoples Choice

Today turned out to be one of the most amazing car centred days, of my life。But to begin at the beginning. We left home base at 10.15 for the scenic run to Fredericksborg Castle where we spent a happy time wandering the gardens in warm sunshine and admiring the outside. Castles in the UK tend to date from 1066 and all that. This was more like a palace, in the style of Versailles but without the crowds. We learned that all roads around the castle were named for the King and indeed used to be used exclusively for him. Now any old Jowett can travel along them.
Onwards to join Cira and her son Victor for an alfresco lunch, finishing with a desert of wild strawberries from the garden and an ice cream down on the seashore.we had a date for afternoon tea, so set off to travel the 30 minutes to Mogens home.
Several members of the Danish Veteran Car Club were also joining us there so we first of all admired Michael’s Model T Ford that he uses as his every day car. Next it was into the garage to be reunited with the beautiful special bodied White Jupiter that won peoples choice in Wakefield. Still looking as lovely as ever, though some work on the exhaust and radiator should see it ready for next year. Then two more cars arrived. A 1930s BMW and a pre war Citroen. Both immaculate cars.
The BMW had been owned by Werner Pancke, Commander in the Nazi occupying forces in Denmark, There are photographs of him with the car before he was summoned to Nurenberg.
Then just for light relief we walked to a neighbours house to see his Austin 1100 bought from a car dealer with fewer than 700 miles on the clock. The story goes that the original purchaser paid a deposit, couldnt raise the rest of the cash and disputed ownership meant that the car sat around from 1974 to 1993 going nowhere. Our final port of call was to the Motor Museum owned and set up by Ole Sommer. Amongst other beautiful exhibits are a Javelin, a Jupiter and a Bradford lorry.
Look away now if descriptions of Motor Museums aren’t your thing.


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