Posted by: suemason | June 25, 2011

Out of Africa

Friday June 24th

Out of Africa

Leaving Copenhagen city, we headed North on the coast road towards Fred. Along the way we were intrigued to see and hear students in dashing White caps singing and cheering from the backs of slow moving lorries. Apparently this is an old tradition in Denmark. On their last day in school, the young people climb on the back of a wagon and are driven round the neighbourhood calling on all of their parents for snacks. It’s tough if you are the first place visited as the students clear the boards. But maybe equally tough if you are a later stop as they won’t eat everything you’ve prepared and you the parents could be eating sandwiches and cakes for days after.
In the old days this traditional ceremony was done by horse and cart but the distances involved now would have the horse protection league nagging you.
This coastline is very beautiful and Sweden is on the near horizon. A statue of Knud Rasmusson, Arctic explorer, stands looking North. We were told he was no relation to OUR Rasmusson. But the next stop was at the Karen Blixen. Museum. Made famous by the Meryl Streep and Robert Redford film ‘ Out of Africa’ Karen Blixen is a much loved Danish writer whose Experiences in Kenya amongst the local Masai people gave her world wide recognition. Neatly bringing us round to our own Wait and See homage.
We are on the final leg now of a trip that has taken us through beautiful unspoiled countryside where the cars have been admired and where we have spread the name and marque.
After a substantial lunch at the nearby sailing club we were off into the depths of the countryside to our next resting place arranged for us by Ib Rasmussen. He is a driving force in the Copenhagen classic car scene and is known to us in the UK for his racing Jupiter which we have seen at many rallies. Now we have seen his spares, too and he even located a control box replacement for GBA which will be installed sometime Saturday. But first the scenic run where 12 Danish cars are expected to accompany us on the route. Cira and Mogens, two members of this club joined us for dinner: Cira driving her MGB and Mogens in his 1976 Mercedes. Ib drove his Jaguar XJ6 so that we could take Neville the Dalmation, too. Drive it day, Danish style tomorrow.

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