Posted by: suemason | June 25, 2011

A Leg End

Saturday June 25
Excellent nights sleep in attractively decorated and comfortably furnished rooms. with Some lovely touches like flowers and chocolates in the rooms.
Breakfast was from an extensive menu: fresh fruit, cheese, Danish bacon: eggs: yogurt; fresh coffee; tea; toast; home made jams. The Staff were warm and welcoming and the attention to detail, such as flowers on the table and the beautiful china made this an enjoyable stay. Its location? SECRET they don’t want all of you turning up and spoiling the peace.
Our destination today was the museum where a gathering of 12 cars was there to meet and join us for a scenic run.The route was easy to follow from the direction sheet given to us by Ib. But it didn’t tax our Danish navigational skills: we just followed the 3 cylinder, 2 stroke Saab 93 along country lanes to the coffee stop at Vantage Company. Here was a chance to chat to the owners of the other cars. Thanks have to go to Roar Eriksen and his wife, Bente for making this space available and for the coffee and cakes.
Today, the three Jowetts on parade made us the biggest proportion of the marques there.
We carried on making heads turn until the lunch stop at Julebaekhuset a lovely restaurant on the outskirts of Helsingore/ Elsinore. Eating herring, eel and pickles;chicken pies; pork filets with a cheese platter established that the Danish Veteran Car Club enjoys eating out as much as we in the Jowett Car Club. While drinking and chatting, we explained our mission (to Finland) and our intention of coming back to Denmark in 2012 with UK Jowett friends in Jowett cars. It will be 10 years since Jupiters including Keith Ckements and Mike Smailes came to Denmark and seems an appropriate anniversary to commemorate.
But our sightseeing was not quite over. We finished off the tour with a visit to Kronborg Castle where we roamed dungeons and parapets and looked carefully behind the Arras for lurking characters from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. We did find the statue of Holger Danske sleeping until he comes to the aid of Denmark in a crisis. Much like King Arthur. It will be a grey day if they both wake up at the same time.


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