Posted by: suemason | June 23, 2011

Old Fahrts*

Thursday June 23

Being tourists and with the cars safely garaged, we took to the open topped bus for a rundfahrt**
And once more we were in luck as the rain started just as we staggered up to the top deck. Our hop on hop off route took us to the statue of the little mermaid, where we joined the hundreds taking her photo. Did you know that she has been to China? I guess for the Danish Pavilion at Expo, though why, in that great Chinese tradition, a copy couldn’t have been sent goodness only knows.
According to our tele guide, Copenhagen is the biggest cruise port in ‘the North’ and we watched several ships uploading their passengers for their holidays of a lifetime. We quizzed the crew of a beautiful private boat as to whether Mr Abramovitch was in town but they were not allowed to say! In contrast to the secrecy surrounding that boat, the Royal Palace is completely accessible with flags flying to denote when the various family members are at home; with a military guard allowed to chat to the tourists and with traffic crossing to and fro across the courtyard. One of the perks of Royalty should at least be that you can divert the traffic off your doorstep.
The Rosenborg Castle and Museum contains the Treasury where the crown jewels are on display, and as the Danes do not indulge in coronations, remain unworn. Royal perks here not up to much then.
But today was midsummer and we were meeting up with Ib to see celebratory bonfires around the Nybrogade area: known in the past for tattoo parlours and places you wouldn’t tell your mother you’d visited. Hans Christian Anderson lived here on the wrong side of the tracks before Danny Kaye made him a household name. But now this area is a vibrant place to eat drink and watch the world go by.
Furthering our Nordic language skills we were pleased to learn that 3 slags for 93kr was a reference to the price of three courses and not anything more unsavoury.
But we had Jowett things to talk about. Ib has some great plans for the proposed Danish Jowett meet in August 2012 and we were pleased to add our thoughts and support to this project.

Old Fahrts* are old waterways
rundfahrt** is a round trip
Tim has introduced ‘Surprise Fahrt into our vocabulary. It’s self explanatory though German not Danish.


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