Posted by: suemason | June 23, 2011

Going to fast

Wednesday June 22

We left Kalmar at 9.00 knowing that this would be the longest days driving, and nurturing both cars NXX still hiccuping a bit and GBA discharging at speeds over 45 mph but seemingly working fine at lower speeds. So as much as possible we took to the side roads where stopping and starting was easier and slower speeds not a hindrance to the general public. Swedish motorways and A roads operate a system of alternate carriageways. For 2km one side of the road has two lanes, and then it alternates. This allows for a three lane road to be managed more safely. But when the single lane was on our side, then for 2km we held everyone else up. Not that they seemed to mind. The only horn sounding was when they gave us cheery waves along the way.
Our route took us throughout the Dalby Soderskog National Park, a beautiful nature reserve. Our slower pace enabled us to appreciate the fields of poppies, cornflowers and harebells as well as the flowers and bird life along the highways. We stopped frequently for pic nics of broken biscuits, brought all the way from the UK. but didnt loiter at the pie shops. We entered Denmark over the 5 mile long bridge admiring the multitude of windfarms before entering into the 3mile long tunnel onto dry land. our trusty SatNav woman, or nag avator brought us into the city and deposited us among the cyclists and cycle lanes. Because we hadn’t over indulged on the calories earlier, we reserved a table in an Italian Restaurant where five courses of fabulous food was prepared for us by Alfredo and his staff. Alfredo runs the restaurant as a cooking class too, but we were too late to book in with him for lessons, so sat back and enjoyed our five courses, wine and complimentary schnapps. Then there was the kissing! So Berlusconni.


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