Posted by: suemason | June 21, 2011

Morgon Morgan

Tuesday 21June

Today has been dedicated to sightseeing, and a better place than Kalmar, on the East Coast of Sweden, would be hard to find.
So the day began with Tim exploring under the bonnet of GBA.
It seems it could be a connection to the ignition or there might be a problem charging the battery but we will have some sort of solution before we embark on the 200 miles to Copenhagen tomorrow, if we have to share and alternate batteries. But first we explored the museum, and then the castle before strolling through the Old Town. Along the way there was coffee and cakes and the chance to try out our extensive Swedish vocabulary. No problem with inserting ‘tack så mycket’ or thank you, into the conversation. But having been given the challenge of finding out the meaning of ‘ kram och puss’ we resorted to Google translate, just in case, and decided that ‘hugs and kisses would be taking a chance to try out on strangers. We did try out God Morgon which looks and sounds what it is. Speaking of Morgan, we had a wonderful exchange with Matz, an artist with a very attractive studio in the Old town. Matz is the proud owner of a 1953 Morgan. He has visited the Morgan works in Malvern and was an enthusiastic admirer of our Jowett photos. If you are reading this Matz then kram och puss and tack så mycket.
We finished off the day with dinner overlooking the visitors moorings on the waterfront, watching a boat flying the blue ensign, tie up along side. Slowly


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