Posted by: suemason | June 20, 2011

Getting stuck in

Monday June 20 Vastervik

We arrived here yesterday soaking wet, inside and out. The rain had been relentless since Stockholm and we were undeniably impressed that the cars had made it so far. So garage parking was an opportunity to dry out a little. GBA is suffering from a leaky windscreen seal, with the rain finding its way into the glove box, down legs and onto the new carpets. There had been no chance to explore Vastervik until this morning, which thankfully was bright and sunny, so we set to with some retail therapy and cultural curiosity. On a personal note, Tim and Pauline’s granddaughter has Swedish ancestry, though she isnt aware of it yet being only 10 months old, but she might be interested to know her paternal great grandfather was born in Vastervik. We left this pretty coastal town heading South towards Kalma. We like striking out into the back of beyond, finding roads with little or no traffic and ignoring the SatNav woman. Mind you, our maps are variously old, worn and creased a bit like ourselves, so sometimes there’s grass growing in the middle of our chosen route.
I suppose that the No 88 Routemaster bus to Elephant and Castle, was even further off the map than we were. Sorry no photos but believe me, we did see a red double decker bus!
We stopped at the Oskarshamn golf club for a sandwich, where we met Brian, on holiday from Epsom with his Swedish wife. He knew nothing about Jowetts but we forced a club card with website URL on him: he’s a convert now, I hope.
Because we had dark clouds on the horizon, we stopped for Tim to patch up his rubber seal with Araldite, taking care not to stick the windscreen wipers down. We did some more backwoods driving and then couldn’t avoid the main road into Kalmar, where we are now safely garaged, fed and watered. Sometime during the last few miles, GBA battery stopped charging, so a little project for tomorrow is to check out its dynamo. I may not have mentioned that all cars in Sweden not just Volvos are driven with full lights, even in daylight. Jowetts are not exempt from this so I am told that the spare brushes we are carrying might clean up the problem.
Watch this space to read progress on the dynomo and how our plans unfold for a Jowett meeting in Denmark



  1. Hello
    Wellcome to Sweden!
    I must tell you that it is allowed to drive with the parking ligth on, yes, only the parkinglight, if you drive an old (and wonderful) car.
    I think you are facing Oland. You will like that island!

    • Thank you for your response. We are enjoying sight seeing today.

  2. Just a note to say how much we are enjoying your blog of the trip. I am cutting and pasting the entries to print out and take back for Mike. So you might like to picture him sitting in his workshop with his glasses on the end of his nose reading about your adventures.
    Looking forward to seeing some photos.
    Kate & Mike
    Hadfield and Marple

    • ….and now for something completely different: a Bradford lorry goes to Brighton. Let’s hear from you, too.


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