Posted by: suemason | June 19, 2011

When you walk through a storm…

Sunday June 19

Woke up in Sweden. It was a quiet night on the ship despite obvious party activity on deck involving Russian stag and hen nights, apparently.
But I forgot to mention running repairs to NXX involving glue. At the end of the scenic run in Turku, I had a go at cleaning off some of the accumulated mud, from the route. (but as Les warned me when we had the car sprayed from gold to black) It showed every smeary wipe. I find that car cleaning was a very overrated passtime. What the glue was for, is a matter for the technical department to relate. I think the brand was Araldite. So here we are sitting in a Swedish McDonalds while Tim and David do some running repairs on NXX which is hiccuping a bit. But I dont think it is glue related. Could it be a short?
Shorting cars ? It’s the story of my life being short and of course life is too short to complain about the weather but here goes anyway. Rain rain rain. Torrents since Stockholm so we left the motorway and took to the hills. Although there was little traffic, still the Javelins were aquaplaning along. On the map it seemed as if we could take a short cut to avoid the bigger cities, and of course the motorways, but the SatNav woman warned of ferries .Given that this route would reduce the mileage we calculated that several Swedish Kronors worth of petrol could be saved even if we had to pay the ferry man. In the event, the ferry was free so we might have saved some of our quantative easing, had we not had lunch at the nearby cafe while waiting for the boat. Finnish friends will be pleased to hear that the style of the toilet was our ‘old familiar friend’ Onwards through the rain.


  1. So nice to read about your days after we met, about your Turku-visit and the boat-trip with Jorma. It has been raining here in Finland but who cares ; anyhow it’ s summer.
    Have a safe and nice journey back home and say hello to the others.
    -Liisa from Helsinki, Finland-

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