Posted by: suemason | June 18, 2011

Leaving Finland

Saturday June 19th
There wouldn’t be a Jowett event without a fire alarm, would there. Today at breakfast an over enthusiastic toaster burned the bread slightly: enough to set the smoke alarm off. In our house when that happens we reach for a long handled implement to poke the reset button. At the National Rally we all gather outside, shivering. At the Naantali Spa Hotel, everyone kept on eating. No evacuation took place and the noise stopped only when the fireman in full safety gear came, shook out the crumbs and Plugged it in again. Normal service resumed.
Breakfast over and cars packed We set off in convoy with Jorma leading us in his 1951 Bradford lorry. It was a fine sight to see three Jowetts on the road together. We made good timing to the Cathedral Square where at least 150 cars of many shapes sizes denominations and Nationalities, had gathered. The people who wore period dress – from the couple in the 1910 model T Ford, to the young man in full hippy 1970 s dress, all looked fabulous. The best we could do was 1 Jowett sweatshirt and a Jupiter one. We did all wear our Jowett hats with pins.
There was a great deal of interest in our cars, and we hope many people will visit the website to read all about us.
We did take part in the scenic run despite the fact that we couldn’t understand the questions and even when translated for us we got the answers wrong. We should do better in Alan’s quiz: at least it seems to be in English.
Did I say that Finnish roads were good? Today we were introduced to some that were more familiar territory with potholes filled with muddy water, which caked our bodies. We needed a sauna for cars but on the absence of such a thing, we set to with a collapsible bucket and a rag.
Lunch was provided for the occupants of all 150 cars, on board a three masted tall sailing ship moored as a museum. Onwards then to the Finnish(ing) line and the souvenir trophy that we will wear with pride. We don’t have to return it to next years rally. Then it was time to say goodbye to our dear Finnish friends:To ANssi and Raija, who had driven from Porlammi on his Vauxhall Victor. It would have been a fairytale come true had his Javelin been capable of the trip. But maybe next year.
And goodbye to Jorma and Maike too. I propose we award them honorary membership of the North West Section. Come for tea and crumpets (“bloody foreigners as Jorma might say”)

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