Posted by: suemason | June 17, 2011

Stone me!

Thursday June
We left the airport Hotel , Helsinki at 10.00 am with the SatNav programmer to take us to Naantali. Avoiding the main roads and motorways we now understand how Rally divers get their experiences and expertise.. We however drove sedately and safely admiring yet again the beautiful lakes and forests. Tim in the lead missed the signs for the tractor museum.
Other notable sights along the way included the village of Fiskari famous for the ubiquitous orang handled scissors. We didnt stop though coach loads of Japanese did. It was interesting to see the lines of post boxes at the ends of the track sometimes 30 or 40 at a time though no sign of the cottages hidden deep on the trees.
We did wonder about the pretty blonde girl, wearing the hi visibility jacket who was cleaning the streets of what litter there eas. Could it be she had the Finnish equivalent of an ASBO?
After we had bought some icecreams and cherries( and spent the whole this months pension) we drove on following the discarded cherry stones all the way to Naantali Spa. This is a lovely hotel with swimming pool, sauna and most importantly self service laundry. After our four countries tour we were ready for a bit of Dhobi Ghat.
The dinner location along side the lake was beautiful and romantic. And so to bed.


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