Posted by: suemason | June 17, 2011

Islands in the sun

Friday 17 June

This has been the day that summarised our time here in Finland and we have experienced what many Finns almost take for granted – the outdoor life by a lake with good food and great company. But to begin at the beginning.
We were met at the Hotel by Jorma and Maike and followed them by Jowett for some twenty miles to Perla Harbour where their boat The Mae West, was moored. It took no more than five minutes to leave the mooring and be underway towards their private island in the Naantali Archipelago. The trip took us an hour doing about 8 knots passing islands where Finns escape to the great outdoors in the summer, and where cars can be driven on the ice in the winter. During the journey there was time to quiz Jorma as to how and why he came to be a Bradford owner and Jowett fan.
In the 1950s some 150 Bradfords had been imported into Finland by a single agent. Years later Jorma spotted a fine example and eventually its owner agreed to sell it to him. I will leave it to you, Jorma to blog about how you made contact with the club and especially Roy Braddock.
But back to the boat….
The MAE West has a Volvo engine and Jorma finds that it blows a bit of blue smoke sometimes that he finds embarrassing. He also noted that the navigation system wanders a little off course. But being a Bradford owner should prepare you for all of this, Jorma.
Our time on the island was very special. Not just because of the delicious cold buffet lunch and later BBQ sausages and Karelia pies. Much of what happened cannot be reported here in detail. Suffice it to say, clothes were discarded, naked women took to the water: naked men sat cheek by cheek in a sauna tent and we widened our vocabulary beyond Kitos and Kipis (thank you and cheers) to include Oho (sorry)
Tomorrow we will drive three Jowetts in the Turku classic car rally, then later will board a ferry to take us to Sweden and another leg of the journey home.
Apparently the rally tomorrow will involve a scenic drive and some checkpoints where we will be asked questions. Bang go our chances of winning a prize then with barely two words in our vocabulary


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