Posted by: suemason | June 15, 2011

Market forces

Wednesday June 15th

After a late breakfast, we had another Jowett-free day devoted to seeing Helsinki up close. Tim, anxious to clock up yet another museum, took Pauline on a romantic tour of Helsinki by tram going on every line and several of those more than once. We Masons went to the Cathedral where there was an organ recital. It had begun to rain quite heavily and as everyone knows you can’t beat a bit of Bach, when you walk through a storm. The concert was free but we did charge the i-phone using the Cathedral’s electric sockets. I don’t suppose they minded and anyway there were plenty of candles to hand.
Actually, the composer of the music was Cesar Franck and the organist was Karmen Kelk. Thank you for the music Karmen.
Helsinki has beautiful Art Deco architecture : quite unspoiled though most of the tourists thronging off the cruise liners in the harbour don’t get any further than the quayside and the craft Market. But it must be noted that the design and quality of the goods there is much superior to the usual mass produced tat available in the tourist stalls of London. Most of the items are hand crafted and made locally.Of course this comes at a price but each item is like an original beautiful work of art.
And so to food. No North West Section Jowett event happens without some sort of sustenance.
We arranged to meet up with the Browns on the steps of the Cathedral. Several phone calls later, still no Browns. There was I waiting at the Church wondering if they’d left me in the lurch…. Oh how it did upset me ( now I hope you are all singing along to that song) They eventually turned up having had to resort to a Taxi to untangle their tram lines.
Dinner was at a Finnish Specialty restaurant where there was reindeer, Elk and Bear on the menu and for a change, no fish.
Gina at the Knot Inn will have to consider changing her menu now we have a taste for food that you have to chase to eat.
Tomorrow we set off for the port of Turku. We will stay at Naantali Spa Hotel and will meet Jorma again who will be taking us for a cruise around the archipelago in his boat. But our destination is some 180 kms away and a lot can happen in that distance. Watch this space.


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