Posted by: suemason | June 15, 2011

If it’s Tuesday it must be Tallin

Having booked on the Super Star ship for the 2 hour cruise to Tallin, Estonia we had to get a move on to catch the two buses that would take us to the ferry terminal. It surprised us all that embarkation was so fast and easy with not a passport or visa in sight. By the time we arrived in the former Soviet country the weather had changed for the worse so we took a team decision to go on a city bus tour. is a pretty town clustered on a hill with views over roof tops to the sea and probably Russia beyond. The bus toir gave us a peephole into the history and recent past of Estonia. One of the tourist stops is at the Song stadium where a gathering of 300.000 singers -a third of the population are credited with helping to bring about independence. Thank you for the music. Buying a flag in Estonia, unlike buying a flag for Gustav in the UKwas not a problem. The blue black amd white colours representing thei Independence were banned under Soviet occupation but emerged in 1980 as the National flag. Finding Old Hansa restaurant -frankly a health and safery hazard with good beer, was a treat, so we quaffed in Medieval splendour in dark candle lit draped rooms waited on by serving girls in period dress. I may have drunk toouch but am sure I spotted some ghostly hooded monks drifting past. Then it was back to the Hotel for dinner. It was a splendid day and good to give the drivers ( and navigators ) a rest, we are not ass young as we used to be. We have already made some plans with Anssi’s neice to come back for a longer stay. She has good local knowledge. so sign up here Joweteers for a long weekend in Tallin.


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