Posted by: suemason | June 12, 2011

The party’s not over

After the excitement of this morning and then the harsh realisation that the project car was not going to go anywhere, we carried on with plan A which was to drive to the seaside at Lovisa, a pretty town on the coast roughly opposite Estonia. We had lunch, nearly bought a grand piano and returned ‘home’ just before the Thunder and lightning started. Tomorrow we move on to Helsinki, and Ansii’s niece Lisa (who was at the Jowett Rally in Paignton @ 1980) helped us to find a Hotel where we can stay with safe parking for the cars, while we take the passenger ferry to Tallinn, for the day. We are now watching the F1race in Canada in sympathy with them driving in torrential rain. It would be helpful if it eases off for us tomorrow.



  1. Glad to see y’all making yourselves useful as well as having a great time! Got a touch of the vapours with the mention of undergarments and birch twigs, however, could prove an interesting anecdote for the Jowetteer especially if photos included….some folk would pay good money…..Enjoy the rest of your stay and love to all from Hazel and Greg

  2. ni hao! zuijin guo de zenmeyang! women hai xing! mingtian wo kan kan de blog! xiwang nimen hen hao! Zaijian… De lai ke

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