Posted by: suemason | June 11, 2011

Story so far

Almost there is the message I have been asked to send. The firing order needs sorting and so maybe a couple of hours work required tomorrow.
It’s been a fantastic day with Raija looking after us conjouring up superb meals while Tim and David slaved over a cold engine.
From time to time we heard references to metric spanners and Imperial screws but no harsh words. Finally they called it a day as dinner was served, but before that they indulged in a traditional sauna. All went well including beating with birch twigs. Some confusion over underpants was quickly resolved and they arrived squeaky clean at the table for another excellent meal from Raija.
There was one more surprise from ANssi and we went outside to launch three Chinese lanterns into the night sky that was not quite dark.
Tomorrow is another day.



  1. Thank you Sou!
    I become forced in such a high spirit reading your excellent, confusing, word wrenching description of your life with Ansi and Riaja in a normal Finish life! You are in touch with the character of our loved neighbors, the Finnish people.
    I have to look for your messages from time to time during the day. Go on, please. I don´t want to miss any moment of your, Pauline’s, David’s and Tim’s experiences!

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