Posted by: suemason | June 10, 2011

Flying Finns

They do seem to have gained a reputation over the years for speed. Whether it’s the famous Lasse Viren 5000 and 10000 meter gold medalist or F1 champions Mika Hakkinen and Kimmi Raikonen, they certainly are a Nation known for getting a move on.
We, however, did no running, shunned motorways and drove from the Ferry at Turku at a leisurely pace along A roads while fearless Finns overtook us on the long straight bits. Obviously the authorities are trying hard to suppress the natural speeding instincts of the population as the SatNav bleeped a frequent warning: most people seemed fairly law abiding and the chances from them to overtake and stare at us were frequent
Giving a whole new meaning to “Green Belt” the distances between towns were stunning in their beauty. (!) you couldn’t see the wood for the trees so to speak. We stopped for a pic nic ed at the side of a lake:there are thousands to choose from,K having stocked up with supplies in village the supermarket. Finland is having an unexpected heat wave so we basked in temperatures of nearly 100• F and drove the final leg to Kouvola with bonnets open.
ANSI Heikkila met us at the Hotel, took us for a guided tour of Kouvola and tomorrow we set off in the direction of Helsinki to inspect his un Finn ished Jowett.
Off to bed 23.00 and I am writing this in daylight!


  1. No wonder he could run fast with a name like Lasse

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