Posted by: suemason | June 10, 2011

Defining a Nation

Is a Jowett mile further than a Saab mile? It sometimes feels like it as we eat up the miles through Scandanavia.
Perhaps Nations can be defined by their commercial ventures. Think Yorkshire, think puddings: think Scotland think Tartan shortbread tins maybe think Denmark and bacon. We didn’t see a single pig and there was no bacon at breakfast! However, all the villages were built in the style of Lego. And without wishing to upset our dear Swedish friends, driving along the E20 was like driving through an Ikea catalogue. We definitely have bought Klipan furniture in our time.
There was wooded countryside spread out on either side of the road with Christmas as far as the eye could see
It has to be said, the roads were fabulous, the drivers courteous and generally patient when our ‘Weight and Sea’ convoy slowed down their Volvos.
So here we are at the lake side for the night, preparing for tomorrows 340 kilometer drive to the ferry in Stockholm. We are blagging (pronounced blogging) onwards to Finland

The Swedish airforce pulled off a nifty parking manoeuvre for our delectation!


  1. Just keep on cruising! Off to Madrid tomorrow for a few days. Diolch!
    Nick et Raid


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