Posted by: suemason | June 4, 2011

Packing it in

Packing for a three week road trip can be stressful and problematic. Recent experiences of taking anything and everything to the National Rally, only having to transfer four car loads of stuff into three while I was towed home, has rung some warning bells. What if the same thing happens in Scandanavia?
So Tim and David have divvied up the spares list between them, making sure all essential top hoses are on board at least one of the Jowetts. They may well have decided to share their Marks and Sparks hose too, but far be it from me to look into the packing of my man, let alone Pauline’s.
We have been delighted with the help and advice given to us, by Jowett friends along the route. Gustav Josefsson is going to meet up with us in Denmark and has pointed the best route to and through Sweden. I asked him if I could bring him anything from the UK, thinking maybe a small pot of illegal Marmite, or a bottle of Gin. But Gustav’s desires were far more humble. Just a small, Union flag, to fly on his Jupiter. Easy!
But there is not a flag to be had in this part of Cheshire, though I am assured that there are orders in place for 2012 Jubilee and the Olympics. That’s all right then. We will drive carefully through Norfolk, looking for flags. Is Sandringham on our route?

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