Posted by: suemason | June 3, 2011

Weight and Sea

The trip has been named.

In honour of the forerunners of Jowett blogging, those intrepid adventurers, Wait and See that crossed Africa in 1926, our excursion to Finland is now officially known as Weight and Sea.
Those who know us will understand the spellings. Those who don’t: well, wait and see.
The cars have been prepared, and in the case of NXX, completely rebuilt in the engine and gearbox department. Now it’s just a case of dotting the I’s and crossing the tea (bags off the list)
Friends in Scandanavia have offered telephone numbers, hospitality and help to find Hotels, so we are quite sure of getting to the ferry at Stockholm without sleeping in the back of the Javelins.
I shall be blogging or blagging my way across Lap Land so be prepared for the notification in your mail boxes. Do send cheery messages or food parcels if appropriate, as bacon and pickled herring might become a little tedious.
But first there’s the route to Harwich. Cross Country driving in the UK is somewhat slow and meandering. We might not be speaking to each other before we get to the coast. What’s the shipping forecast for South Utsire?
La de la de de laaaaaa. Sailing by. WEIGHT AND SEA.



  1. Now make sure that you turn LEFT on leaving Macclesfield cause if you turn RIGHT you may end up on the Isle of Man ( 4 months early).

    Seriously, GOOD LUCK on your expedition and, as we enjoyed following the Bradford’s crossing Australia ( WAIT, AND, & SEE ), we will follow your trip with similar enthusiusm.

    Drummond & Ruby.

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