Posted by: suemason | June 3, 2011

Cakes and Ale

This posting a little out of synch, but it’s an homage to cakes.
Saturday and the car club was on parade at the Heritage Motor Museum at Gaydon not far from Coventry (one time centre of the British motor industry) The purpose of the day is to show off the cars and to distribute silverware to deserving Concourse winners. Traditionally each section also has a stall where they can sell memorabilia or in our case, cakes. Joweteers ae always hungry, and true to form, they supported our efforts especially those marketed with the strap line – as made by Doris: she’s in the WI you know!
Disappointingly, the Heritage Museum, does not have a Jowett on Display. Jowetts have always been in the Museum in Coventry, and make a great impression at the NEC Classic Car show. Anyway, MrJohn Bishop is on the case, and has promised to look at the possibility of us being represented there.

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