Posted by: suemason | May 31, 2011

Home Truths

We are now home in Cheshire after a sunny and leisurely drive from the Rally in Daventry. Had we returned Monday, lashing rain would have made the journey somewhat miserable, what with poor visibility in the Jupiter with its roof up, not to mention various seepages through ill- fitting window rubber.
But first, a hearty round of applause for the committee of the Jowett Car Club, Midland Section, whose impeccable organization led to such an enjoyable Rally.
The location of the Heritage Motor Museum at Gaydon, provided us with space, hard standing, and indoor lecture rooms where we displayed our wares (you know what I mean) and where Phil Green – Jowett Test Driver, and other knowledgeable members of the club, entertained and educated us on this the centenary of Gerald Palmer, designer of the Jowett Javelin body. There was a fine display of MGs in the car park, which of course we all knew were also designed by Gerald Palmer.
Spare parts for Jowetts were available to buy from our trusty and reliable supplier: we went for a very pretty gearbox – and some spare parts were even left behind, by our not so reliable friend (you know who you are!) Thankfully the Museum neglected to do a controlled explosion on them, so we were able to pick them up afterwards, and will ‘courier’ them over to you, now we are home.
The fine display of British Leyland vehicles in the museum, would undoubtedly be enhanced by a few Jowett cars, were we able to sneak them in amongst the minis and metros. Are you reading this, Mr John Bishop?
Traditionally the car club organizes a scenic run, and this took us up hill and down dale across the Northamptonshire countryside- very pretty. The rain held off but domestic trouble was rife amongst the ‘nagavators’ and drivers: no SATNAV, you see, so old fashioned map reading skills were required.
Sunday, dressed in our best bibs, tuckers and tiaras, we assembled for the dinner and prize giving at Staverton Park Hotel, who also deserves a round of applause for looking after us so magnificently in the food and beverages stakes.
Medals and honours were doled out and a full list of these can be seen, somewhere…probably on our sister site ( The NW Section did win some accolades: best Standard Javelin and a beautiful little short two that had been driven all the way from Cheshire.
The speeches were brilliant, and those that weren’t, were short. You can’t ask for more than that.
Nothing significant happened on the way home. We were a convoy of three Javelins and a Jupiter. The Fosse Way (A4455) is our route of choice, mainly because it passes by the site of the Battle of Bosworth. Now that we have done this route so many times, we can see where we have passed by previously, broken down and fought our own battles!
So the sick Javelin has been looked at and the prognosis is that it will be fine for Finland (Sunday) when the new engine and gearbox has been installed (Thank you Tim) Work on it starts tomorrow though a cursory examination indicates that it was the head gasket that blew. I know the French for Head Gasket, having had one fail before (Joint de Coulasse) and will be sure to learn what it is in Finnish, too.
Hopefully, in ’ Lap Land’, home of Ericsson and Nokia, we will have good phone reception, so blogging the journey will be possible. Watch this space. Now I’m off to wash socks in preparation.


  1. Hi Sue,

    What a splendid report that was. I’m delighted you all got home safely.

    I guessed your Javelin, was suffering from a blown Head Gasket. So know worries there.

    The Brierley family were very sorry not to be apart of this years rally.

    With luck we will be there next year in mid Wales.

    I look forward to reading, and seeing all the picture’s in future Jowetteer’s.

    Have fun in Finland. And above all, not that you’ll need it.


  2. We enjoyed the weekend very much as well and thought the Midland section and the hotel did a really good job of looking after us. We left on Monday in the rain and it was still raining when we got back to Derbyshire, but it had been good when it mattered.
    I hope the Finland trip goes well. Has David finished the ironing yet?

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