Posted by: suemason | May 26, 2011

A long days journey into night

left home at 11.30 am in a Jupiter and Javelin to meet up with Tim and Pauline in their two Javelins. Dreadful wet weather, but set off in good spirits.
12.00 departure onwards towards Burton. A very pretty scenic hill climb type roD took us steeply down the A444where the Javelin started smoking heavily. I thought it best to stop with DAvid in my mirror. Fire extinguishers at the ready, and a call. To Tim for moral support, David donned his New overalls and lay down. Joint decision was to get it back to Congleton somehow. So that’s how I came to befriend 2AA men! The call went out and messages said they wod be there within the hour. I waved the team off and settled down to make a dent in the pic nic ( for 4 people)
First I twittered Alastair Campbell to tell him that thankfully I had my iPad with his book ‘The Blair years’ installed. he tweeted back that he hoped I was enjoying it. first AA man arrived didn’t have a clue thought it best not to tow and would call for a low loader. Back to the shook. You have to give it to the AA they keep you informed with SMS updates as to how farawY and how long they will be。munching a nd reading onwards, the rain thrashing down I felt quite cozy in my Jowett pos. Only two people stopped to offer help: the first I just opened the window a tiny crack as he did look like an escapee. He called me ‘duck’ but even Derbyshir axe murderers will have called someone Duck, in their time. The next surprise visitor to my pad was Bob Grey ( northern section) who having caught site of a Jowett in distress did the decent thing and swerved in to chat. It was a brief chat as the tow truck arrived and needed his space, so I waved yet another off to the Rally. With a lot of cheery banter and lots of careful negotiating, the Javelin was winched on the time being 4.30 so I had great hopes of being home quickly. Then came the bad news. After only 30 minutes towing we would have to stop for a compulsory 45 minute tachometer stop. I stayed in the cab, promised to touch nothing and went back to the Blair Years .


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