Posted by: suemason | May 26, 2011

It was 6.45 when the AA man finally negotiated narrow lanes and dropped off the Jowett and Amy was there to help me, offer moral support, open the house for me to go to le Oo and generally fettle me bags.
7.26 on the train from Congleton to Kidsgrove. 6 minutes. Congleton a very dreary station not manned but lots getting off train.
At Kidsgrove Friendly passenger told me which platform to wait for next train. Fellow passenger also using iPad. What is the world coming to.
7.45 train spot on time. Lovely smiley attendant took my old hits card and gave me best deal also information re onward journey.
Crewe and a 40 minute wait. Didn’t fancy anything to eat, but went in search of socket to charge phone. Staff mopping floor though full of customers and assured us not closing yet. No socket. Moved to waiting room. Can hear passenger iPod even though she’s 10yards away.
Surprising no one else in this nerd centre wants to charge apparatus.
Phone up to 60%now. Should be able to download a movie at this rate to while away journey to Rugby.


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