Posted by: suemason | January 12, 2011

Trail blazing

An interesting article in my paper (The Guardian, what else?)
In it, a journalist decides to drive from London to Edinburgh in an electric car testing the location of charging points. He likens it to early days motoring, where you coudnt be sure of finding a petrol station.
I suppose in our grandchildren’s lifetimes, if electric cars take off, they may experience the difficulty in finding petol for their Jowetts



  1. I had you down as a Daily Sport reader. It just goes to show!!!!

    If petrol does become scarce, then the Scottish section may well benefit greatly….

    Why, well you can run cars on Scotch if you have to and there are more distillerys in Scotland than pretty much any where else on the planet 🙂

  2. Can you drink the Scotch first??!?!?!???

    • How about IrnBru? They’re made from girders, you know.

  3. IrnBru sounds like a better bet to me!

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