Posted by: suemason | January 8, 2011

Whereare you, Alastair?

Where are you, Alastair? The snow has melted here on the plains. Maybe in the hills it’s still deep and crisp and even.
Father Christmas was good to us, and hopefully to all Jowett members. The dinner was greatly enhanced by the gravy. David said it might have been better on the Turkey rather than the pudding but still…..
Father Christmas left an original copy of ‘Across Africa in 60 days’ the account of Jowetts ‘Wait’ and ‘See’ which Tim has warned we should keep under lock and key when he’s around.
Speaking of which, the best photo in the book is the picture of Frank Grey, one of the drivers, removing shackles from a slave woman’s ankles. Remarkable.



  1. I didn’t know Alastair was missing?

    I hope that you’re OK and HK is fighting fit, and eager to come out to play with all her jowett buddies when the weather improves.

  2. Helloooo….

    Am I coming through the ether,

    “This is 2LO London calling this is the BBC”. For the benefit of the non MADARS members these were the first words from the BBC in 1922.

    I am still up to date and down in price, with the strength of an elephant and the appetite of a canary. Or should those be reversed????

    I gather both the Mason and Brown establishments were not spared in this seasons epidemics, sadly the Greggs also succumbed. However I have sent my cheque to Brown Towers and unless the world goes into meltdown I will be at the Knot on the 30th. It seems months since I have seen everyone and it’s just not good enough!!!

    You may recall I purchased an original of Wait and See when the NW section organised the rally in Warrington. So you are safe to leave Group 4 out of the equation whilst I am around.

    Glad to see we have a new member a certain Ray Worrall. Please feel free to post Ray, the more the better.

    I still havn’t seen this 8HP yet, will she be at the Knot. The distance should not be a problem 🙂

  3. I’m now bouncing with vitality Paul.


    I may need an introduction 🙂

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