Posted by: adgregg | November 11, 2010

The Yellow Peril Returns

Life with the ‘Yellow Peril’ has settled down since her return to Runcorn. She has been used a little locally and had her first trip to a local petrol station last week with Ted Allen from Manchester as passenger who called in on me. We tend to barter for things we have and the other needs. He seemed suitably impressed with the car, the engine and the ride (unless he was just being kind!) Still have a very slight oil leak on top of engine but I guess it might have to wait until the warmer weather. It’s not the feed to the oil pressure gauge nor the large flexi oil pipe connection (I checked with a piece of cardboard). The gasket on the rear timing case might be suspect.
Still haven’t got the petrol gauge fettled so I have taken Ted’s advice and do what he does- use a piece of dowel as a dipstick!!
I still can’t get over the way she starts first time on full choke. Ray of Daytona Autos of Congleton certainly knew what he was doing when he tuned her. Ray also sorted the tracking so no more squealing round corners. It will take some time before I am fully proficient in driving her and I confess that I find her headlights pretty poor in comparison to ‘moderns’. It will be great to take her to club meetings next Spring.

and the last one for now:-


  1. I should have acknowledged and thanked my good friend Gareth Johnson of Runcorn for these splendid photos. They make the car look so good she doesn’t need a re-spray! But she does!!
    Gareth was really enthusiastic when I gave him a lift even if it was just down the road. Wonder if I could persuade him to get a Javelin?

  2. Well if he can be interested, then let us encourage him, all we have to do is send Mr B and Mr M round. I’ll give them three weeks and then get my instructions as to where to collect the car from and that will be that. 😀

    When is she going for the respray?

  3. This is a serious question so please don’t laugh! Well, not out loud anyway.
    I have often been reminded that it’s not good for classic cars (especially Jowetts!) to lie idle for too long so my question is…….. What do other Jowett owners do with their cars during the winter months? Do they start their cars and give them a run ’round the block’, say five or so miles, just to get the engine upto temperature and keep everything going? If so with what frequency- weekly, monthly? I regularly check the acid levels in the battery cells and I use one of those very low trickle chargers as recommended for cars out of use and it has kept my battery in fine fettle for the past few years, so I have no worries about a flat battery!
    I also jack up the car and grease regularly etc although she is not being used that often. But what about engine oil and filter changes? How often should this be done whilst the car is not ‘fully’ in use?
    I am still waiting for a recommendation re a local resprayer then she will go in for her beauty treatment!


  4. No laughing matter.

    My car is kept in a lock up a couple of miles from my house. I run it up to temperature on a private road about every 3-4 weeks over the winter so it does not stay on blocks at all. I have had no trouble with the battery without trickle charging. The car gets a service as per Jupiter manual at the beginning of every season. This time it is the 10,000 mile service. I keep track of the miles from the MOT certificates. I make a fun day of doing the service with other JCC members.

  5. Thanks Alastair. Ray warned me to check ‘things’ for tightness etc after running for a while and I think it’s about time I jacked up ‘Yellow Peril’ to check things especially the cross member (and the rubber/fabric strips) which supports the middle propshaft bearing. There is certainly more transmission noise since I first took delivery of the car and I don’t want the propshaft to fall down as I am driving!

    I like that idea of yours about making service a fun day with other JCC members. That way there would certainly be a pooling of resources and experience as well as good blether and friendship!

    I wonder if anyone knows of a better alternative for those rubber/fabric strips?


  6. Just an update. I jacked up the car and put her on axle stands last week. The cross member was fine. No flimsiness and the prop bearings seem okay. Perhaps I’m being too over cautious! Anyway took her out for a spin yesterday to watch my youngest son play hockey (he plays for Runcorn First Team- draw one each). Got car up to running temp and really feel as though I am at last getting more confident in driving her. Remembered how to start off in second gear- except on a hill, of course. Checked everything when I got home and things seem fine. Just have to accept the fact that unless I strip everything down and replace everything she will always sound a bit noisier than a modern!! Tim suggested I use K-Seal for the slight leak at the rear of the fan spindle so I am waiting to add that to the water. However after yesterday’s run there didn’t seem to be a leak there. Perhaps things are settling down.
    I have ordered a door mirror and will let you know get on with it in the Spring
    All the best to everyone for Christmas and the New Year.

    • HI Paul its Ray from daytona glad to hear everything seem’s to be settling down ok after 35 years it will take awhile to get used to her again you will have to dig deep in to the memory bank put on a big coat hat gloves thermals car blanket across your knees hot flask and go for it. Anyway getting back to the peril a bottle of k seal was added when the new rad was fitted Tim had advised me it was best added as this is the best product to help seal the rear shaft weep
      All the best happy christmas and all that sort of stuff
      Ray worrrall

      • Thanks Ray. I’ve only just read your reply but luckily have not put KSeal in rad yet. Phew! I guess two bottles would be too much? As I said, after my last trip the drip from the rear seal seemed to have stopped. Perhaps one of those troublesome things which might occur from time to time.

        All the best for Christmas and the New Year to you and yours.
        See you on the next service!


  7. I had (what has turned out to be) my fortnightly trip out with ‘Yellow Peril’ today to a local panel beater with excellent credentials for a quote on a re-spray. When I made the appointment and he asked for details of the car I said the usual- “You won’t have heard of one but….” and of course, he had heard of one, his dad, who was also a panel beater and re-sprayer had worked on one and his dad’s boss used to own won!
    He was dead impressed with the car and seemed really enthusiastic so I booked the Javelin in for re-spray in three weeks time. I have already emailed the main forum re the fitting of the chrome strips so I won’t go into that here but if anyone knows the whereabouts of those spring clips especially locally, I’d be grateful.
    Joanne, our daughter wants the Javelin as her wedding car for 2012 so I’ve also got to get the headlining fettled (any local companies who have undertaken this type of work?) More immediate is the trip to Daventry, so I’ll be booking the Javelin into Ray at Daytona Autos for a service and to ensure she can undertake such a long trip! The furthest she has been is the 30+ miles from Congleton to Runcorn and I think the fastest she has traveled has been 35mph so it’ll take us a long time to get to the rally!!

    ‘Yellow Peril’ still brings smiles to people’s faces, some jeering from kids and even a loud blast of a horn and a thumbs up from a mature lorry driver today (and yes, it was definitely a thumbs up) as I was waiting to enter a roundabout.

    All the best


  8. Not much to report other than I am still giving Yellow Peril a fortnightly trip round town to get her up to running temperature. I have removed interior door trims in readiness for respray- all but from the driver’s door, that is! The door handle will not budge despite liberal spraying with Plus Gas (and Coca Cola!) I guess I’ll leave it before I cause any damage to the handle or the lock.
    I’ll keep you all posted about respray and submit pics when available.

  9. I realise all has been quiet on the Yellow Peril front for some time and there is a perfectly good explanation. She has been off the road and in for a respray since 21 March! However, the good news is that ‘the body man’ is doing a far more thorough job than I had expected. He seems very keen to do a good job and furthermore his dad’s boss used to run a Javelin!
    The doors are off the car (but not the wings), the rot has been cut out of the front off side wing and a new piece has been fabricated and welded in. The door bottoms and the sills have also received some metal filling. The rest of the car body is fine although there isn’t a lot of Yellow left! It took the poor bloke four hours to rub down the roof.
    This week she will receive undercoat and her final coat later in the week. I am due to collect her on Saturday 21 May. This gives me a week to get her ready for the rally! I will have to replace the nicely polished chrome; the cleaned and dyed door cards; the re-varnished door cappings and of course grease all round etc.
    We are all looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday 28th! All I need are your prayers!

  10. HELP!!!!!

    What a Rally! We enjoyed our trip from the North West to the Midlands, the first rally attended in a Jowett since the Saltaire Rally in 1983(?). ‘Yellow Peril’ ran very well both to and from the rally. She brought some favourable (and unfavourable!) comments from those in attendance re the colour but that was to be expected. On the way home on the Sunday the exhaust decided to join in the fun by rhythmically knocking on tick over. I have since repaired the broken rubber mounting at the rear end of the exhaust.

    Of more concern was the oil leak. I am sure some would have compared us to the ill fated Torrey Canyon! On return home I cleaned up the messy engine and changed oil filter and oil.

    I ran the car to the local garage (about five miles round trip) and she ran very well however, on return there was black oil in both channels on top of the engine and leaking down the tappet covers onto the hot exhaust! The dipstick showed still quite clean oil.

    Given my limited mechanical ability/knowledge and my willingness to part with money to get her running free from really bad oil leaks (I don’t want her off the road for another 30+ years!) can anyone help?

    Can anyone suggest a suitable person who could help fix the problem of the leaky engine?

    Thanks in anticipation

    Paul (Wilks)
    Runcorn, Cheshire

  11. Thanks to Tim who came over to Runcorn to look at (and fix) the oil leak! What a gent!
    By the way, before the oil leak was fixed by Tim, I took ‘Yellow Peril’ on the Classic Car Convoy across the Runcorn- Widnes Bridge celebrating her 50th birthday on 17th July. It rained all day, nevertheless about 200 vehicles of a wide variety turned out. Worthy of note were a 1930s Packard (a huge car but with passenger accommodation smaller than the Javelin!); a beautiful two tone Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire; a Sunbeam Talbot; a Ford Thames van; Prefects (E493A and 100E) and Anglias (105E); Mk 1 and Mk 3 Cortinas; a brace of TVRs, several Morgans and Morris Minors and many, many more! A photo of the Javelin crossing the bridge appeared in the local paper but I couldn’t make out whether there was a trail of oil following me! Unfortunately I can’t remember how to attach the picture!


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