Posted by: suemason | November 2, 2010

8 horses

Oh well. Someone had to do it. David and Sue have added to their stable of Jowetts, with a beautiful 1938 Jowett 8. It’s in fine condition, so we hope to keep it that way. 2/5 Grandchildren approve of it so far.

The demand has been high so here are a couple of pictures:-

Presumably the above is one of the two that approve (Grandchildren not Grandmothers).

I trust this will be at the Ryles Arms?????



  1. Well done, but where is the picture? Nick

  2. The pictures have been sent by me to them, so they should appear soon. They get so excited you know.
    It’s good though that another 8hp is to be active, to keep company with Paul’s. we have 2 or 3 other Eights in the section that have to see light of day after many years of hibernation.

  3. If you’ve got “eight” flaunt “eight”

  4. What can I say? Except- beautiful! Well done.

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