Posted by: adgregg | September 18, 2010

Runcorn to Daytona

This Javelin was last on the road in 1975. But this morning could be seen without driver doing around 40 Mph. Glance down and you will see the trailer.

However this is the second Javelin within a month that has been deposited at Daytona Garage in Congleton. The brief; get it on the road with MOT and running so that Paul, Kathryn and family can enjoy it as it was intended. A respray is lined up once the mechanicals are sorted.

All the family are keen to see its return and we wish them well with it and hope they get a great deal of pleasure out of it.



  1. I have since heard the vehicle running and it sounds very good. It won’t be long now before another Javelin takes to the roads.

    • All of the Wilks clan are excited to get it back and to able to come to the Jowett meetings with an actual Jowett to take us there.

  2. HJU has now passed its test, with brakes as solid as a rock. The running has been refined even further. Please consider the extra photographs by Joanne. We look forward to seeing “the clan” at the Ryles Arms in November.

  3. Trailered out, but driven home by the quietest Javelin engine I have ever heard. Come now Wilks family, lets be having reports please 🙂

    • It was great driving her back to Runcorn. Can you imagine my grin? But I am such a rusty Javelin driver! Everything especially changing gear seems to take ages. Kathryn said the queue behind us was fantastic as I gradually tried to re find the skill of driving and feeling my way down the road (if you know what I mean!) We had a Welcome Home party on Friday night and friends gathered round. Some were enthusiastic others were bemused; some didn’t know what all the fuss was about. You remember the saying… If I had to explain etc etc.
      Unfortunately an oil leak which had been sorted by Ray at Daytona has returned but at least I know it’s not the timing case that’s cracked. It’s from the oil feed pipe to the oil pressure gauge. Have to sort that though before I travel too far. Any ideas? Should I recontact Ray at Daytona since he managed to sort it once?

      I must pay tribute to certain people for making this possible. Thanks to Ray Worrall of Daytona Motors of Congleton, ‘our’ adopted garage. Ray is a very patient, thorough and enthusiastic engineer and a very nice chap too. He even telephoned a couple of hours after I left him to make sure I had arrived home safely! I owe thanks to Tim Brown for his ongoing encouragement and also ‘softening up’ Ray on my behalf to take on the project; Alastair Gregg for providing the trailer and David Mason who, along with Tim and Alastair, helped push the Javelin onto the trailer and transport it to Congleton. Thanks!

      Thanks also to Jowett Car Spares, especially Ian Priestley, for getting a reconditioned radiator and carbs and other bits and pieces and thanks to Paul and Alan Brierley for arranging collection of radiator. Thanks to David Morris who supplied various bits for my rear brakes that were amazingly missing when I checked! Also thanks to Ian Dearie, a long time friend, who rebuilt the engine 30years ago. It is testament to his knowledge and skill that those who hear it running comment on her smoothness and quietness. Ian will no longer have to ask on Christmas cards when the Javelin is going to be on the road! And of course thanks to my long suffering wife, Kathryn.
      Looking forward to seeing you all soon, when I get this blessed oil leak sorted!

      Thanks everyone.


  4. The main oil pipe has banjo connectors, if it looks as though its coming from the timing case then is it possible, that the fibre washer on the banjo connector is missing? I suspect Ray will not have missed anything quite so obvious but thats where I would start looking.

    Thanks for the post please feel free to start topics and get Joanne to join in we are short of young people.

    I was delighted to hear of the party and sorry somebody could have missed the point and been bemused.

    Sadly I have to go away on business so I can’t see you at the Ryles arms on the 28th but I hope you will go even if you have to go in the modern.

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