Posted by: adgregg | September 17, 2010

The Knot at Rushton Spencer

Count those Jupiters!!!

For those of you that didn’t attend the North West Section ‘do’ at Rushton Spencer this year, you really did miss a treat.
We had a brilliant weekend, everything from the the ‘quiet’ (that’ll be the day) dinner on Friday evening, after pitching tents, through to the ‘lengthy’ section AGM on Sunday afternoon was excellent.
We enjoyed a trip on the Churnet Valley Railway on Saturday afternoon. Thank you Tim.
This was followed by a Murder Mystery evening, which was a laugh and brought to light some surprising ‘revelations’ about the characters of some of those present. I have to say that my adopted son is a great disappointment to me! A very big thank you to Kate for doing such a brilliant job of organising the evening. I also think that Michael is very brave driving around carrying those little packets………
Sunday was our section’s day of competitions, raffle, judging of cars, which as always was very enjoyable. A big thank you to Tim and Pauline for organising this again.
The ones of that were left then enjoyed dinner at the Knot Inn Sunday evening, followed by the extra special tipple!
The hosts at the Knot, Vince and Gina, once again did us proud and said they’re looking forward to us having our now extended do there next September.

With around 25 Jowetts in attendance and Members from Montgomeryshire, Doncaster Hertfordshire making the effort (Thank you the Powters, the Ainges, the Mitchells and the one and only Jack Moon). It was always going to be good. Read the Jowetteer to find out how good.

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