Posted by: suemason | July 20, 2010

I’m quietly fuming…

So begins the article in this week’s Macclesfield Express. The writer seeks advice from the resident legal expert regarding a small matter of his neighbour’s hobby.
Yes, you’ve guessed it, his neighbour has a strong interest in classic cars. The letter goes on to list the annoyance factors: he’s extended his garage to accommodate three cars; he has a couple more parked on his drive; he works on them most evenings and weekends revving them up ouside the window and causing exhaust fumes and noise well above the norm. The writer reveals that the neighbour also sells five cars a year, and asks if this is legal.
Of course the friendly solicitor’s advice was to keep friends with the neighbour; to ask him to work on his cars further from the house, and not to worry, it’s not illegal to sell five cars a year.
I have to say that I felt a teeny bit guilty at the list as we undoubtedly match many of the incidents, and did wonder if our neighbour had written in though we haven’t sold any cars. The final legal advice was that if you have a reasonable relationship with the neighbour to keep it that way and not go off to court seeking legal redress. A timely reminder for many of us then, that our neighbours sometimes have to put up a lot because of our hobby.
Our very patient neighbours have had petrol fumes seeping into their garage from a leaking Jowett pipe and they have been blocked from getting onto their own drive by a trailer event, though to be fair that was the transportation of a Lotus, not a Jowett. Anyway, it could be worse, at least we don’t play the drums!

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