Posted by: suemason | June 19, 2010

Macclesfield Barnaby Parade

Jowett Northwest Section in the shape of the Mason’s Jupiter JUN 70 was on public display today, with the Mayor on board, as they led the parade around Macclesfield.
Barnaby, an old festival dating back hundreds of years, has been revived as an Arts Festival and the town turned out in force to see various social groups and bands represented.
For this weekend only, there will be music, painting, local food and drink as well as a specially commissioned Opera all happening in and around the town centre
It was fun, and although my driving may have taken a few miles off the clutch, the car performed admirably. So did the Mayor.



  1. Nice to see Barnaby being remembered again, and lets hope this will continue in the future. We moved here on the 22nd of June 1963, knowing nothing at all about Barnaby. Being unable to drive and expecting my new cooker to be delivered on the Monday, I stayed in and Alan went to do some shopping. When he came back I didn’t believe him when he said the only shop in the town open was UCP which was in Chestergate. Our cooker wasn’t delivered until the following Wednesday and we lived on salads and eggs boiled in the electric kettle. Alan has never liked salads since.

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