Posted by: suemason | June 17, 2010

North Rode

What a fun time we had. All within sight of Roy Braddocks home -Yew Tree Cottage. Thanks to Paul, who managed to gather together many varieties of Jowett to impress the passing public. Advertized as a Vintage and Steam fair, there were a fair number of steam engines, static engines and stalls to keep us all amused and to keep up the weekly depletion of our ‘quantative easing’
It was a pleasure to meet up again with the friends from Isle of Man in their long2, as well as Pam and Peter Jowett who are en route around the car museums of the UK. A rarely seen beautiful Jowett Bradford pick-up which had at one time belonged to Alec Feather (Alastair correct me if I have the model incorrect) came from Newcastle under-Lyme and along with three Jupiters, two Javelins, The Jason and ‘Jemima’ (pre war saloons), not forgetting Michael Fishwick’s Jowett lorry, this completed our display of Jowetts. We were the only club lined up behind a banner: a fantastic method of promoting the club. by the way. There are tales to tell about sales and purchases which I will leave for gossip and rumour to promulgate around the section.
One passing stranger rambled on about a workmate of his who had a Jupiter rotting away in a Congleton garage. He was delighted when we revealed that JUN 70 was that car, and had been beautifully restored by Peter Greenwood: we had a display of photographs to prove it. Yet another fan mentioned his father’s Bradford hidden away in small pieces in a garage in Rushton Spencer: not a revelation to our Chairman, and maybe we have reeled in another member there.
Anyway, what jollity over two days. We even managed to dodge the rain right up until the last hour on Sunday when we made a run for it, and went home for tea.

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