Posted by: suemason | June 12, 2010

North Rode

A great Jowett turnout, with a good collection of Jowetts: a long two from the Isle Of Man; a Bradford pick-up from Newcastle; a Jason; a Jowett 8; three Jupiters and two Javelins. There was lots of interest from the public and Jowett sales department worked hard though we’ll have to wait and see if anything comes of the advertizement!
There were at least two people who confessed to having Bradford vans hidden away in garages. Maybe they will get round to joining us one day. We managed a pic nic and had a very convivial time, all within sight of Roy Braddock’s home and his name was mentioned several times by passing strangers. The sun shone on the North West Section



  1. Yes indeed; and today doesn’t look too bad.

    Whilst driving down Clevedon Close, the near side front brake snatched, then freed off. I was glad that I was close to my drive way!

    And when mother checked the messages, we have anther member wishing to attend today’s rally, with his Jupiter. Maybe he will be successful in getting through the security, I don’t know.

  2. Hopefully he or she will replace an absent Yours Truly. It was a good day, as yet no messages from the great British public but I am hopeful.

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