Posted by: suemason | June 5, 2010


The latest edition of the Jowett Car Club magazine, arrived yesterday. I don’t know that any club has a magazine that is of such a high standard of presentation and content. This edition has coloured photographs front and back cover; contains items from New Zealand members; memories of the Jowett Test driver, Phil Green; section news; classified ads; the Junior Jowett Section and on-going references to Bradford Chrome Hub Caps.
We cannot thank our editor, Alan Brierley enough for the hard work and efforts he puts into producing the Joweteer every month. Next month will no doubt be a bumper edition as everyone sends in their experiences and thanks for the excellent Centenary Rally.


  1. I think we’d all agree with that, long may it continue. Alan deserves a very big pat on the back for all the effort he puts into it.

    Apart from being a good place for chrome hub caps to get a mention it also has a good For Sale section – not to mention the Wanted section!!!

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