Posted by: adgregg | May 19, 2010

Torturing Small Fords

This contraption attached to a Ford Ka was spotted on the drive of a prominent NW section member. There is a school of thought that says Ford bought Briggs the bodywork pressing company to destroy Jowetts. But 56 years on, to be putting cars on the rack, like they did people in the middle ages seems a trifle harsh.


  1. That’s what small Fords are for – a bit of torture – they should all be put on the rack!

    Have you kept the identity of the NW member secret because they’re embarrassed about owning the car?

  2. If they are’nt embarrassed they should be!

    But in the spirit of forgive and forget are we still so miffed we would pick on one vehicle, if we are going to be bad, surely there are more creative ways to be bad.

    On second thoughts we might get in a lot of trouble, lets stick with the torturing.

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