Posted by: adgregg | May 15, 2010

2 Weeks to go!

The Wakefield rally is but 2 weeks away. Settle down now, and get some serious polishing, both paint and Chrome on the agenda. There are 168 Cars booked in plus four Jowett stationary engines. This includes 52 Jupiters, 10 Special bodied and the rest standard. So for the first time there are more Jupiters than De luxe Javelins. This centenary of manufacture is also the celebration of 60 years since the first Jupiter was made. This will be the largest rally ever!



  1. Thanks Alastair, as if I did’nt know that every item of male clothing is covered in grease, underseal, paint and polish. I have been practising driving a manual car, having only driven an automatic for the past ten years, and have done my fair share of passengering in the Bradford. The fact that I emerge from its front seat smelling of exhaust fumes has given ‘im- in -the -garage, something to tackle, as his hub caps are nicely polished already.

  2. The question comes to mind, why you are using male clothing to polish, paint and grease the Jowetts.

    Not too clear as to which car is causing you to smell of exhaust fumes, Jupiter, Javelin or Bradford. Does he need help?

  3. Speaking as someone from a minority, I am disappointed with the lack press I have seen advertising the Bradford Van’s contribution to the Rally. It does seem to be all about Jupiters and Javelins. Could someone give me an update on the numbers expected? Please break it down into these categories: special bodied; green; blue; yellow; ones with a stereo system; ones with writing on the side; fast ones; slow ones.



  4. Well Jo, the person who has all the info is Mr T Brown Esquire. I just happened to remember the odd facts re Javelin and Jupiter.

    The burning question remains, will there be a green Bradford Van not sign written, going slowly, driven without the aid of a stereo system heading from Macclesfield to Wakefield during Friday 28th? Oh and I think the Bradford responds to the name….. Percy.

  5. Isn’t that what male clothing is for? It always seems to be covered in grease and oil!

    We’re hoping there’s going to be a green Bradford lorry going to Wakefield from Belper on the 28th, but everything seems to be going against us at the moment!

  6. Hang on a moment here! Polishing and cleaning are two distinctly different operations. You may find clothes with the odd mark or two tend to be of the male persuasion, because we fellahs as you know are clean and tidy folks and just love to see a clean engine and if an odd mark finds its way onto a new shirt, well sorry, but we aren’t doing it without need or cause. However there is no reason on this planet that the polishing cloths should be only of the male persuasion. The club cuts across all of the demarcation malarkey there are no demands or requirements saying that the fair sex cannot join in the fun. There are many square feet of Jowett that need tender loving care and who better fitted to administer said TLC. Get those old shell suits out, those bargains that weren’t the bargains that you thought they seemed in the shop give them a use that maybe they weren’t expecting. But more importantly, Your Jowett(s) need(s) you!

    We all want to hear how many hours Dianne’s old shell suits have put in for the cause! We rather hope it will be at least double figures.

  7. I’m happy to say that I have never owned a shell suit, thank goodness!

    Where are all these clean and tidy fellas anyway?! The grease and oil on male clothing round here doesn’t come from cleaning!

  8. You sound confident, but have you ever asked yourself if Glynn was not such a fastidious clean and tidy chap, what sort of a mess would the Kestrel and the Bradford be in? You may just be pipped to the post in the concourse, but I’m sure its going to be a close call. (You can’t say I’m not trying to help out here Glynn)
    I wouldn’t admit to a shell suit either. So what have you been using, if, of course that isn’t too personal,


  9. I have now managed to stop laughing. Clean and fastidious!! *@*@*@*@!

    I bet your wardrobe’s full of shell suits and other such delights!

    I wouldn’t dream of divulging what I use………

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