Posted by: adgregg | April 25, 2010

Drive it day 2010

Sion and Patrick putting the Javelin though its paces.

Patrick came to have a decko and see what sort of a club we are. Well pretty much what you see is what you get. There is now talk of a Murder Mystery next time we go to the Knot. Please other subscribers add to this and add pictures.



  1. Drive it Day 2010.
    What a great day for all sorts of reasons. Not just the 13 cars that attended. The NW section’s star crossed lovers joined us at the Knot Inn and we saw the beautiful engagement ring. Congratulations Nigel. Karen is a very special person. Les and Nancy joined us from the Midland section and we heard all about the time the Prime Minister came for tea. Well done to them for winning the treasure hunt though how could they fail with a car full of eager junior Jowetteers. It was great to see Nathan, Oliver and Daisy.
    The Mason’s Jupiter misbehaved so was taken back home and Percy (the Bradford Van) was given a run out. This was providential really as the heavens opened and we avoided getting the drenching of the other intrepid Jupiter drvers.
    Alastair caught the drivers in action in Cheshire country lanes and we all ended up at the Knot Inn for a late lunch. A great day.

  2. Thanks Jowett Northwest for a lovely Drive it day. It was great to share mine and Nigels news and see you all if briefly. Thanks Sue for your comments.

  3. Sorry not to have seen you as I was out with t’ Camera. How about a photo of the ring and the happy couple, its not something that happens too often in the JCCNW section. Do you have either Sue or my e-mail address for the picture. Don’t put your e-mail address on here?

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