Posted by: adgregg | April 12, 2010

Bradford back on the road!!!

Well done Glyn, CVG 166 is again “the little engine with the big pull”.

CVG 166

However short hop though it is I suspect neither Doris or Dianne will volunteer to go in the back of the lorry so its going to be the Kestrel to Wakefield is it?



  1. You’re right, neither of us will volunteer to go to Wakefield on the back of the lorry!
    The most likely one to go is the Kestrel.
    By the way the Kestrel will be 75 on Saturday 17 April.

  2. So is it party time on the 17th?

    75 years young, surely it should be a celebration. We had champers and a cake when my Dads Javelin made 21, in 1973 (Well a fizzy drink).

    A celebratory drive maybe, or should I make a cake? Let me know

  3. The Kestrel loves cake – Glyn says!
    We’re not having a party, we had intended to but are in the process (which is a much slower one than we expected) of doing some major and expensive work on our house so decided it wouldn’t be possible.
    When the Kestrel was 70 we had a Pig Roast & BBQ and 92 people turned up, so a few glasses of pop were drunk that night!
    We will be raising a glass or two in celebration on Saturday, I’m sure the Kestrel would welcome visitors if any turned up!

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