Posted by: adgregg | February 21, 2010

Choclate Cake and Scones!!!!

The screening of the Wait And See Odyssey was received well to a select group in Buxton. However the rest of you missed out big time.

Mrs White eyes up the Chocolate cake, as well she might

Thanks though one and all for letting me know you couldn’t come. I quite understand, I’d rather numbers were down than people having accidents on the way.



  1. Sorry we didnt make it Alastair. The snow was deep and crisp and even. The link that Paul suggested to the ‘Cat Cam’ at The Cat and the Fiddle, didnt make the journey look too inviting.
    However, full marks to those who did make it.

    I was going to remind everyone about the October weekend away and that if you wish to capture a room, get in touch with the Hotel, or if you’ve lost the details, get in touch with me.

  2. Sorry we didn’t make it yesterday Alastair. When I spoke to you nothing was moving on our road at all, it didn’t get clear enough until later.
    I have loads of biscuits here that I made to bring as well as lemon curd tarts. Glyn thinks it’s marvellous as he can now eat them all!!

    • Well I downsized the mornings baking seeing the conditions. I was working on 75 Scones but stopped at 45. When calculated later that equates to 7 and a bit each. Well I did my best, but couldn’t manage that last 0.2 of the final one. 😦

      With those conditions nobody needs to apologise. It teaches me a lesson. If I insist on having an event in Buxton, do it in August as snow is less likely to be a problem. It is only 25 years ago that snow stopped play at a county cricket match in Buxton, but that was June 6th, hence me suggesting what has historically been the hottest month, to minimise the likleyhood of further disruption.

      Many of you contacted me and I suspect others rang home but we were all out at Church and so couldn’t answer the phone. Thanks for all the baking and consideration


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