Posted by: suemason | December 17, 2009

Spare parts

Most car owners would be alarmed to find out that their vehicle had been in a crash and that its body had been repaired using second-hand parts. Not so the owners of Jowett Jupiter JUN 70.

Some dedicated car club members have been trawling handwritten records to find the whereabouts of some 901 Jupiter cars manufactured in the 50’s. There is a door here, a boot lid there, and would you believe a very special bunch of spares.

In 1951 a Jowett Jupiter GKY 106, the 4th Std Jupiter ever produced, was raced in the 1951 Monte Carlo. amongst many other things.

Sadly by about 1970, the chassis had been scrapped and only bits survived. Someone has the spare wheel door and others have other bits.

However the bonnet was sold to a Mr S, previous owner of JUN. A recent visit to his widow, Mrs S revealed that yes indeed he had bought a bonnet from ‘down south’ after the car had been involved in a prang.

It is fairly certain that this is the bonnet on Jupiter #946 (Jun 70). So our bonnet raced in the 1951 Monte Carlo Rally!

‘Im in the garage outdoors, has been searching under the lid to find the necessary number stamped into the metal for definitive proof, sadly yet to be forthcoming. But fading eyesight is not good for this task and layers of paint and waterproofing may just have obscured it.

But I will be happy to tell anyone that parts of my body moved at speed, once.



  1. Good and interesting research!
    Where though, are the other 1175 Jups hiding?

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