Posted by: adgregg | December 10, 2009

A Jupiter in Macau

I have finally tracked a picture of the Jupiter mentioned in the previous post comments. It is all dressed up as a wedding car here but the photo is recent.


  1. When I first joined JCC in 1969, there was a member in Macau with a Jupiter, perhaps it is still him. I do remember someone joining the club from Macau within the last 10 years, also with a Jup

  2. There are earlier records but without names. This may help:-

    Bought by Lee Chi Wai in 1978 then sold to Eddie Chan in 2007

    I do not know which car clubs Mr Wai belonged to.

  3. Lee Chi Wai his family name is probably Lee, and his given name Chi Wai. Chinese names have surname first.

    But Eddie Chan is Mr Chan. He has a ‘westernised’ name.

    Just for info

  4. Nice blogs sue I appreciate your efforts

    Ravi Shankar

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