Posted by: suemason | December 6, 2009

The good life

The ability to have a really luxurious lifestyle comes relatively cheaply in Shanghai and the Hotels have mastered the art of Customer service to a very high degree. Our Choir rehearsals are sponsored by, and taking place in a city centre Sofitel, where we have the use of a large function room with piano and bottled water (on tap so to speak) So every evening this week we will gather there to go through our notes in a warm and comfortable environment. But for real luxury nothing can beat Sunday brunch at the Westin Hotel. For the price of a good night out in Bradford, the most amazing buffet is spread out, ranging from caviar through lobster and crab piled high on ice, onto roast- dinners, stews and stir fry, passing every nations signature dishes (sushi, pasta, dim sum ) on the way. Washing all this down is free flow Champagne and wine. But should you fancy something else, cocktails are also available with today’s special introductory drink Caiprhina which I can’t spell even when sober. If you prefer a more healthy option there are Salad bars and fresh fruit of every colour. While chomping through this feast a variety of entertainments happen including a full orchestra and choir with soloists that would have walked away with the X factor. Although the Westin is the best, every hotel lays on a similar feasts, maybe as an alternative to the wall to mall shopping experience. Having indulged ourselves just a little (no caiprhina for me) and had a good wander round avoiding the salad bar it was time to go and rehearse, though a nap in a dark room would have been a possible and dare I say welcomed alternative.


  1. Thank you Margot!!!

    Men on Meat and two veg built great cars, wi’out any of that fancy foreign stuff. Tha canna beat a yorkshire pud wi roast beef, roast potatoes, carrots and peas.

    Readin that tha should be aching all ovver fer sumf Yorkshire vittles. Is tha on’t next flight ovver?

  2. Sorry, I dont understand Chinese

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