Posted by: suemason | December 5, 2009

what goes around…..

Today, I was showing Jowett photos to a Chinese friend. He can’t understand the attraction of an old car, aspiring like 1.2 billion of his fellow countrymen, to a brand new vehicle and every month 8000 reach their dream in Shanghai alone! To lure them out of their car seats and onto public transport, huge free car parks have been created at the ends of the metro lines. There were only two metro lines in 2006, today they opened the seventh, and at least three more are scheduled to open by 2010 in time for Expo. The centre city car parking charges currently standing at 1 GBP an hour put off some. So as you can see, in this most capitalist of communist cities, market forces rule and whereas in the past an edict, issued from the government in Beijing would have sorted the problem, it’s the yuan in your pocket that matters now.



  1. If you have been deprived of all bar the basics for decades, then I can see the attraction of a new car, however in 30 years time when they buy a new one and look at the quirkyness and qualities of the Rover 75 they bought in 2009 they too may start to value history and basic technology. It will take them back to a time when things were slower and not so frantic, a time when they were young and not worn by the weight of supporting a family. They will look back and remember the good times.

    So this raises the question, Will the West be Easternised or the East Westernised!!!

    Tell me if this is too political and I will remove it!

    There were a couple of Jupiters shipped to Japan, but China, I know nothing.

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