Posted by: suemason | December 4, 2009

pots and kettles

Shanghai continues to be fascinating, very up-to-date, modern and crazy often, all in one street. Today’s photo ops included the usual overloaded Bicycles and a basket of chickens flapping (dying?)as well as clothesand bedding hung out to dry on convniently placed telephone and electricity cables. There is renovation and new building going on all over the city, in readiness for Expo 2010. My Shanghainese friend and I strolled down one of the older streets, where (even though it was lunchtime), people wearing their chosen garb -pyjamas -were walking in the streets. Through the open doors of small homes, where three families share a kitchen, there were steamy pots of dinner on the go, but also boiling kettles of herbs and spices to ward off winter’s ills: who needs Tamiflu!. Later I asked a small gathering of high-school pupils, who had limited English, what was going on and why they were gathered there. Apparantly, Eddison Chan a Hong Kong movie star was inside, opening his new restaurant. He became the subject of tabloid and media scandal recently so when I uttered the words ‘sex scandal’, the group immediately understood that bit of English.
Today, the weather has been fine and sunny, so walking the familiar streets has been easy and fun.more fun tomorrow, as I tackle the fabric market.



  1. A sad indictment on the English language if thats the most easily understood phrase. It has to be said though I can say nothing in any of the various dialects of Chinese, save Thank You and Make haste slowly, and these I have only recently learned.

    Web site movement heading towards 2010 ish new buttons along with front page and “shed” proposal with Mr B.

    Never mind all this strolling down familiar roads in the sunshine aren’t you supposed to be protecting the larynx, gargling with TCP and practice, practice, practicing?

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