Posted by: adgregg | December 2, 2009

Web site update

Have started on the update of tonight.

We will develop the for sale page (No Tim’s Jason is not for Sale) as time permits. Next Years dates should go in over the weekend. So please keep an eye on it and let me know if I get things round my neck 😦



  1. If the for sale page is set up, I think that all adverts placed should simultaneously be placed in Jowetteer so as to avoid criticism that the mag is being usurped.

  2. I will pass them to Alan as a matter of course, but thanks for the reminder.

  3. Head way has been made on the events for next year. Please check the first eight months of 2010 on

    Am also pleased that the Jowett Image on the front page has been made see through.

    Comments on punctuation, grammar and of course spelling appreciated.

    Also keen to have reasonably recent photographs used. I might be able to find some more of mine but other peoples would be appreciated.

  4. Website update complete. All the detail I currently have for 2010 is on our site. I have made the wild assumption that Yvonne will be happy to organise the pre Christmas Lunch again.

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