Posted by: suemason | December 1, 2009

Going East

I do hope that the blog flourishes in the next couple of weeks. maybe I will have a new bathroom and black Javelin in the drive, on my return.



  1. Bon Voyage!


  2. Er , A bathroom and a Javelin in the drive. Excited about the Javelin, but wonder should I be selling tickets to view the bathroom on the drive?

  3. I suppose it makes a change from just having an outside toilet, have the whole bathroom out there! Maybe it’s for the Javelin so it can play with rubber ducks while having a bath!

    • I am tempted to edit my post to include the missing comma, then your sarky remarks will mean nothing! But I am using a free internet connection courtesy of Westminster Library and council tax payers so will remain courteous at all times. You never know who is watching!

  4. Joe, xiexie ni

    Everyone else, keep on blogging!

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