Posted by: suemason | November 22, 2009

The Oldie

Junior Joweteers look away now.

I know that the nomenclature ‘Oldie’ could apply to many of us in the club, but there is a rather fantastic magazine of that name, The Oldie that I can recommend to The Oldie’s of our club. The Editor, Richard Ingrams was sometime editor of Private Eye, and he oversees the content, ensuring a lively and varied diet of interests from travel to TV with great writers and cartoons to entertain.

One of the pages is dedicated to Internet matters, and much good advice is given by ‘Webster’ especially pointing Oldies to sites that would be of interest to them.

Webster’s Blog

Webster dedicates his writings in The Oldie, to helping silver surfers get to grips with the Internet.
JowettNorthWest has been included on his blog.

I hope that anyone arriving here at this site from there, will come bearing tales of Jowetts.



  1. I seem to remember a whimsical column in “Private Eye” by “Old Jowett” bring it back I say.

    • Hear Hear, I reccomend this to the house.

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